Agape Men’s (AM) Fellowship

Agape Men’s Fellowship intents to provide all men, regardless of status or class, with opportunities, to relate with other Godly men to develop individual, corporate and spiritual tools to become mature and responsible men to fulfilling their purpose in their home, church, workplace, community and world.

We believe in the word of God which commands Husbands to love their wives, as Christ had love for the church, and gave himself for it. In addition to this divine responsibility, men are faced with so many challenges in today’s society, which at times, can be overwhelming. AM Fellowship, therefore, focus on relying on God strength to take us through and with God’s wisdom we want to equip ourselves, with the correct tools for living as strong men of God in these times.

We seek to encourage each other through faith based Bible studies which provide excellent grounds for sharing our faith while picking up beneficial and invaluable lessons along the way, understanding what God says and applying it to our personal growth as leaders, fathers, husbands.