Welcome to the new month of June. It is amazing that we have now gone through 5 months already in this year. It has clearly been the grace of God, which has seen us through all that we have gone through this far and I am sure that God’s abundance grace will continue to avail for us in Jesus Christ name.

In the last month and months before, we have been studying the Gospel according to St Matthew Chapter 25: 14–33 to be able to understand “How to maximise our time”. The time we are talking about particularly relates to the time when we are existing on this side of eternity.

We have identified that everyone that is still alive has been given gifts, talents, potentials which is (or are) required to fulfil a purpose, which originates from the mind of God for their life. Also that God is able to give as much gifts to us as we can manage because God is not limited in grace. He is able to give as much as we develop the capacity to receive.

As many that accepts God has their Lord and master, He no longer see s as servant but sons and daughters. And he has entrusted us with His resources because of His love and power of justification. He desires that use these gifts for His glory and purpose fulfilling but he s not seeking to collect this gifts back even if we refuse to use it for His glory. God desires that we profit with the gifts so that we can increase as we use it for His glory.

We also learnt not to attempt judging God (the Judge of all the earth) with our human reasoning and that doing this is foolishness. God’s ways are far different from our own ways. It takes divine revelation to know anything about God. We have revelation about God and we benefit mainly through the study and understanding of His written word (the Bible) and revelations through His Holy Spirit . Last Sunday, we concluded by considering ways to ensure we fully benefit from divine revelation by studying Hab 2:1-3.

This month, we shall be trusting the Holy spirit to reveal to us how we can free our self from a very powerful impedance to progress, productivity and grave destroyer of resources called unforgiveness. The word of God says, “Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled – Heb 12:15 ”

The servant with one talent in Matthew 25: 14 -33 fell into this trap of the devil and we can see the result of this. I want to invite you to join me as we continue this study so that the spirit of unforgiveness will not get the best of us. May the Lord bless you as we journey together in the word of God. Amen.


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